Pierre MANU started his professional career as a high-level sportsman. After that, he worked 14 years long as a tennis instructor in several european countries, particularly in Germany where he spent 8 years.

Back to France, he got trained in the technics of illusion, of cognitive psychology, he specialized in relational communication and started his artistical carreer in 2004.

2004 : Pierre is sought for the Grand Prix de Tennis de Lyon. That is when he becomes aware of his talent as entertainer and of his capacity to convey emotions. That year, Pierre create the “Magic Influence” concept proposing a new way for communication. Magic is considered as an entertainment but it can also be an efficient communication tool !

2005 : Pierre and his partner Fabrice Ruffo are chosen to host a 40 date road show for the famous Danish brand Bang & Olufsen. The same year, Pierre acts at Dany Boon’s 40th birthdayparty with many celebrities.

2006 : Pierre starts acting at the Tour de France for 5 years.

2008 : He creates the Mopsos company.

2010 : Creation of “Creative Influence”, the artistic agency. Pierre starts producing other artists.

2011 : He is hired to act for Babolat at the Rolland Garros Village for 4 years.

2011-2012 : Pierre and his friend Etienne Pradier perform at the Tennis Masters of London, at the side of the 8 best tennis players. In the same period, Pierre also performs at the Easy Vista road show in Paris – Las Vegas – Washington and Orlando.

2012 : The French Footbal Federation calls on Pierre to host the Euro competition in Ukraine.

2013 : Pierre decides to get associated with his friend Julien Labigne, one of the best French magician and mentalist. He is invited at a live television show in Colombia.

2014 : Pierre is asked to perform at the Windsor Castle, for Prince Charles with Penn &Teller, 2 artists from Las Vegas ,  and his friend Etienne Pradier, official magician of the Royal Family of England.

2015 : He starts to perform for Tony Parker and the ASVEL. Pierre also celebrates a 10 year collaboration with the Olympique Lyonnais and the AS St Etienne.

2016 : Pierre and Julien LABIGNE host the 50th anniversary of a major French firm. They act at the Palais des Congrès in front of 3500 people.

2017 : Many performances in many places…


His mantra : « we are what we do day after day : excellence is no longer an act but it becomes a practice. » Aristote.