Dare to use magic to communicate !

Speaker at meetings and corporate events. Corporate communication in french, english or german.

Magic Influence

Illusion is a powerful vehicule of relational and emotional communication. Pierre MANU conceptualizes illusion to stage your image, enhance a speech, present a strategy, promote a product, etc.

Pierre MANU, international speaker, performs bespoke interventions meeting your issues.

His approach is based upon the sharing of knowing and experiences.
His powerful speech is ment to be inspiring and motivating.
His vision of business is human centred :  the human being becomes is the centre of the debate.
His know-how is to (re)create motivation, to break through the usual behaviours, boost creativity, encourage the expression of emotions, create synergies, enhance collaboration links, develop collective emotional intelligence, share unique moments, in other words : communicate !

Pierre MANU will be the link to increase your resources as well as your collaborators potential, for the benefit of your clients.