They’re talking about it

” Working with Pierre and Julien is always a great pleasure. They understand Corporate issues and translate them into precise and admirable actions.”
Markus Baltzer – Bayer Healthcare – Chairman


“You did impress our customers ! This bespoke performance was very instructive. It was an innovative way to run our seminar.”
Marie-Edith ROBIN – AREVA NP


«We called on Pierre Manu to enliven our international congresses in Cologne – Germany and Paris – France. He worked hand in hand with our marketing team on the basis of our requirement, specially on the messages we wanted our ecosystem to receive. His performances were totally compliant with our product strategy. Pierre came up with new ideas and was a valuable partner. His performances were a total success ! All the represented countries (France, Germany, England, USA, Japan, etc..) were unanimous. Pierre’s performances added value to our eZ Summit Congresses. Through his shows, our messages were grasped by our teams in a pleasant atmosphere which created cohesion.»
Emilie Dantzikian – Marketing Manager – EZ SYSTEMS France


« The network team and I thank you sincerely for the excellent performance you provided us on Saturday evening.
Thierry PINGET – Network and Sales Manager – CHARVET LA MURE BIANCO


“Es ist richtig dass wir mit Herrn Pierre Manu schon zusammengearbeitet haben. Dass erste Mal war für eine Konferenz in Lyon in 2008 und vorigem Jahr haben wir Ihm auf Grund seines Erfolgs in 2008 noch mal eingeladen, ebenfalls für eine Konferenz in Lyon.
In 2008 und 2010 war ich verantwortlich für die Organisation einer Internationaler Konferenz bezüglich Korrosions Probleme in Kernkraftwerke. Für die erste Konferenz in 2008 wollte ich unbedingt ein Illusionist haben mit der hinter Gedanke die doch etwas Technische und „Sterile“ Atmosphäre zu erleichtern (das Eis zu brechen). Eins meiner Kriterien war das der Person natürlich perfekt English sprechen sollte. Ich habe dann von eine Agentur eine Liste bekommen mit English sprechende Illusionisten. Ich habe alle diese Personen eins nach dem anderen angerufen und der Grund dass ich damals Pierre Manu Gewalt habe war das er der einziger war der mir die Frage stellte „was ist das Thema Ihrer Konferenz“. Alle anderen fragten mir immer was mein Budget war.
Pierre Manu hat mir dann angeboten seine Vorführung um das Thema der Konferenz zu gestalten. Weil das Thema sehr technisch war habe ich dann Herrn Manu mehrere mals getroffen um ihm die Informationen bezüglich das Thema „Korrosion in Kernkraftwerken zu geben “.
Während der Konferenz haben wir Pierre Manu als einen „normalen“ Konferenz Sprecher introduziert. Als er dann mit seiner Vorführung angefangen hat waren die Leute natürlich erst sehr erstaunt aber nach einigen Minuten haben die Leute verstanden dass es sich um einen Illusionisten handelte und waren dann sehr begeistert. Die Vorführung war perfekt auf das Thema der Konferenz abgestimmt und die Konferenz Teilnehmer waren alle und ohne Ausnahme sehr begeistert von der Vorführung. Ich habe dem Nächsten Tag die Leute erklären müssen, dass Pierre Manu kein Mitarbeiter der EDF ist und dass er selber die Texte und Informationen bezüglich der Korrosion vorbereitet hatte.
Auch heute noch werde ich noch angesprochen über die Vorführung von Pierre Manu von Leuten die bei der Konferenz dabei waren. Dass war auch der Grund dass Ich Pierre Manu in 2010 eingeladen habe für ein „Close up“ Vorführung. Viele Leute kanten Ihn natürlich und es war wiederum ein Erfolg. Herr Manu spricht übrigens neben perfekten English auch perfektes Deutch.
Ich kann Ihnen also Pierre Manu nur empfählen und ich bin sicher dass er Sie nicht Enttäuschen wird.


“Our last convention led by Pierre Manu and Julien Labigne has been a great success with our internal managers. The performance was excellent ! The messages conveyed were strong, clear and fitted totally with our issues. A good supplement to other formal performances with a significant impact. A warm thanks to both of you. »
Francis THOMINE – Directeur Général – GROUPAMA Rhône-Alpes Auvergne.


« The purpose was to re-deliver and to enhance the formal messages of our presentations and technical workshops through a playful and captivating form of oral and visual expression. Transposing the notions of value delivered by the Iceberg / Solysmart solution as a response to Howden Solyvent-Ventec customers’ problems with simple examples : from abstract to concrete, from virtual to real, from seriousness to laughing, from skepticism to good mood, from darkness to light, that’s the Art of « corporate illusionism » perfectly embodied in the mind-blowing performance of Pierre MANU. »
Christian PIN – Sales & Marketing Director, Light Industry – HOWDEN SOLYVENT-VENTEC – ICEBERG TOUR


I am completely remiss in not having sent you a message to let you know what a BIG HIT Pierre Manu was at our event in France. He showed up exactly on time for his briefing and was just warm and delightful.
He wowed everyone at the drinks reception and had a big crowd of guests around him towards the end of that part of the evening including the host Benoit who was clearly entralled and delighted. The guests clapped and cheered him…..really excellent. He took a break as we planned and came by later and happily put on a show just for the young people as we did have some trouble in keeping them all under control. They loved him and he had them mesmerised which gave us the opportunity to take care of some other things. So just perfect.
The hosts were clearly very happy and thrilled, so it all worked out brilliantly.
Thank you so much for the introduction and for securing him for the event. Please do pass on our thanks and congratulations to Pierre as I do not have an email for him and too much to say in a text message!
Take care


« Your performance will remain in the memories of all our employees. My satisfaction was to see my collaborators amused and very attentive at the same time to what Pierre was saying and showing, I specially appreciated your capacity to understand the messages to be delivered as well as our activities. I’m longing to live a new scenario… Plenty of events are to come. Thank you for this high level performance and also for your enthousiasm and professionalism. »
Thomas CONEGERO – Direction Centre Bourrage Traction – COLAS RAIL


“Over 200 attendees from over 16 countries attended the conference this year. We were entertained by Pierre Manu, a genius of magic and illusion. Pierre was the Master of Ceremonies for eZ Conference 2016 and was responsible for managing the speaker schedule for both days. At eZ, we wished to convey the conference material in a funny and entertaining manner. Mr. Manu captivated the audience with his trademark style and kept everyone engaged.”
Henry Kogan – Content Marketer – EZ SYSTEMS New-York


“Dear Daniel,
Leider ist mein Deutsch nicht so gut ! Aber ich probiere es und hoffe dass Sie alles verstehen wurden !
Pierre Manu ist sehr gut angekommen – was wirklich gut war ist dass er unsere Araldite “brand” vorgenommen hat und gut benutzt hat wir haben ein Scenario zusammen aufgefasst.Für uns war es eine gute Probe –


“Pierre, you are the Lissandro of magic ! ”
Jean-Michel AULAS – OL – Lyon 2013 Champion’s League


«We hired Pierre to enliven our managers seminar (14 persons). The issue was the formalising of a company’s project and we wanted a striking event for the occasion. To prepare and adjust his performance, Pierre looked after informations about our company, its products and customers, as well as about the people attending the show. His performance totally met our expectations. During the plenary, Pierre showed four mindblowing psycho-illusion tricks (prediction, mindreading…), with a strong impact on the audience ! It was a wonderful moment, Pierre really contributed to create the group cohesion, this was essential for us. Thanks a lot Pierre for your talent and your skills !”
Emmanuelle ROUZET – DRH – Companies BERARD and AMEFO


« Dear Pierre, we are very pleased of this festival edition ! The feedback of our customers are so positive !Thank you ! I hope you’ll be with us for the festivals 15th anniversary. Bravo ! »
Frédéric CASSOLY – Director of l’Alpes d’Huez Festival


“Dear Pierre,
Just a note to say that we found you fantastic at the Henley & Partners’ Forum last week! Thanks for everything and we hope to work with you again in the future.
Kind regards.”
Tracey-Lee Zurcher – HENLEY & PARTNERS


« Julien, Pierre, I don’t know how to thank you for this TOTAL SUCCESS ! I am truly humbled by your commitment ! Humbled by the work you did which was far beyond what I expected ! We made a good team together. Everything worked perfectly, we revolutionized the real estate ! There was harmony in our team, we did more than our jobs, I felt the passion. The result was magical !! Our customers are so happy, so is the audience… We offered them an unforgettable evening ! Thank you for your professionalism, your humour, your kindness and also for your support ! »
Florence Assal – Associate Director – EVIDENCE EVENTS – ORPI REAL ESTATE 50th anniversary


« Many thanks to Pierre Manu for his majestic performance !! Thank you Pierre and welcome to the Club !!! »


« Many thanks to Mr Manu who accomplished an excellent performance during our « TRANSFER » evening. All our partners and participants truly enjoyed this moment, as well as your talent and the interactivity of the show. We appreciated your approach, your professionalism and your wise advice during the indivual interviews. »
Sonia SLAÏM – Business transfer and acquisition – Rhône Chamber of trade and crafts


« Many thanks for the good times we always have with you. See you again soon. »
Carol DUVAL LEROY – CEO – Champagne Duval-Leroy


« Thanks again for the high quality of your performance last Friday evening. See you very soon. Best regards. »


« Hello Pierre, I wanted to thank you for your performance which left nobody indifferent ! It has been a great pleasure to know you and to share that singular approach made of courage and cheerfulness. See you again very soon ! Friendly yours.”
Marie-Noëlle PERETTI


« I want to thank you sincerely for your performance during our last annual convention of December. The 200 attendees really appreciated the use of relevant tricks to illustrate our issues. Our objectives have been achieved. Your presence, your know-how combined with your adaptability towards our participants have been appreciated and I wanted to let you know about it. I will surely contact you again for another of our internal events.”
Guy Tchakamian – Manager – LA POSTE Group


“Hello, I’m sending you, hereby attached, Mrs HERVE’S message.  “…All the managers, many customers and colleagues came to thank me for having choosen Pierre Manu to entertain our event.
Pierre, those congratulations are the result of your outstanding work ! Hence I wish to thank you particularly. Working with you is a guarantee of serenity !”
Marielle GARNIER – HERVE Group


« Hello Mr Pin, Everything went right at our personal meal ! Pierre Manu came with his partner Julien Labigne as we were about 145 people and we wished to have close-up tricks. Both of them passed from table to table during pre-dinner and dinner time. Everybody has been impressed ! They are good professionals, they adapted to the guests and to the material conditions; Everything was great; Thank you again for having given us this contact !”
Caroline Baudart – HR Manager – DERBIGUM®


“Your performance at our wedding was very professional and exceptional ! It was magical, our guests were so impressed ! You are a great professional, we will undoubtedly recommend you. Thank you and see you soon.”
Audrey ARN


“Many thanks to the Magic Influence Team who made our event a big success. The feedbacks are highly positive, we are so happy.” 
Valérie ESCOT –  Internal and Corporate Communication Manager – Banque Populaire Loire et Lyonnais


« We traditionaly organize 2 events per year within our company. Those events usually happen during the afternoon and the evening. For our “winter-party” this year, we had to  :- Organize for the 1rst time a common event with another structure.- Make sure that both teams would feel like belonging to the same organization. This party was the best support to set that context.- We wanted an original and friendly evening, to transmit our messages simply and cheerfully.- We wanted an entertainment suiting also our international guests. Creative Influence listened to our requirements and understood them perfectly. The unfolding of our event as well as the artists proposed were perfecly adapted. The words that come to me regarding that evening are “humour, warmth, surprise”. I received only compliments from the collaborators. Creative Influence demonstrated tremedous professionalism, a very good knowledge of the corporate world, The performance totally fitted with our business.”
Christian BOYER – HR Manager – ADECCO IT Services


“Dear Pierre, it’s been a real delight to work with you during the preparation time and today on stage. Feedbacks are very positive about your performance. BRAVO !
Je pense également que cette manifestation a été une réussite où nous avons su faire passer nos vraies valeurs d’entreprise et tu as bien contribué à cette réussite ! Je te remercie encore et je suis certain que nous serons amenés à nous revoir …”
Bernard LACORE – Directeur régional Rhône-Alpes – ONET


Pierre Manu : “Je suis le seul à pouvoir bluffer Nadal”
Par Rémi Cap-Vert, jeudi 26 septembre 2013 à 16:02 – Réagir


“Pierre, Thank you, your performance was excellent ! The customer is very satisfied of the whole event.
Myriam SOULAS-FRANCOIS – Event Director – LIVE by GL


“Dear Daniel,
Leider ist mein Deutsch nicht so gut ! Aber ich probiere es und hoffe dass Sie alles verstehen wurden !
Pierre Manu ist sehr gut angekommen – was wirklich gut war ist dass er unsere Araldite “brand” vorgenommen hat und gut benutzt hat wir haben ein Scenario zusammen aufgefasst.Für uns war es eine gute Probe –


“Dear Patricia,
vielen herzlichen Dank für Ihr Statement zu Herrn Manu. Ich weiss dies sehr zu schätzen. Das klingt sehr vielversprechend was Sie uns mitgeteilt haben. Ich denke durch Ihr Statement, werden sich meine internen Kunden davon überzeugen lassen Herrn Manu zu buchen. Beste Grüsse”.
Daniel Kottmann – CREDIT SUISSE


“Salut Pierre,
Hiermit sende ich dir noch das schriftliche Feedback von Herrn Kottmann zu deinem Auftritt vom letzten Freitag, 26.8.2011. Herr Kottmann war sehr zufrieden mit deiner Performance und von den Gästen sind auch nur positive Rückmeldungen eingegangen. Vielen Dank für deinen super Job und Einsatz! Auf ein nächstes Mal!” Kai RAÜBER – BRIGHT ENTERTAINMENT :

“Vielen herzlichen Dank für Ihre E-Mail bezüglich des Feebacks über Herrn Manu kann ich Ihnen folgendes mitteilen:
– Wie zufrieden waren wir mit der Darbietung: Herr Manu hat unser Gäste sowohl bei der Close-up Darbietung welche er von Tisch zu Tisch dargeboten hat, als auch bei seiner 30 Minütigen Bühnenshow, sehr gut unterhalten. Gerade bei seiner Bühnenshow hat man gemerkt, dass er sich sehr gut mit unserem Unternehmen auseinandergesetzt hat und einen überzeugenden Link von seiner Zauberei zu unserem Unternehmen geschaffen hat. Wir waren überaus zufrieden mit der Darbietung von Pierre Manu und würden in jederzeit wieder buchen.$
– Wie war das Feedback unserer Gäste: Wir haben durchwegs positive Rückmeldungen von unseren Gästen zur Darbietung von Pierre Manu erhalten.
– Wie zufrieden waren wir mit Ihrer Beratung: Ihren Vorschlag Herrn Manu an dieser Veranstaltung einzusetzen, war ein Volltreffer.
– Werden wir Pierre Manu weiterempfehlen: Wir würden Herrn Manu jederzeit weiterempfehlen.
Vielen herzlichen Dank noch einmal für die gute Beratung und den wunderbaren Vorschlag Herrn Manu einzusetzen.”
Daniel Kottmann” CREDIT SUISSE


“I thank you warmly for your advice of hiring Pierre Manu, I did not expect such a result. Pierre MANU is really incredible ! All the guests have been stunned and impressed by his professionalism, he is quick and very strong. As far as I am concerned, I’ll remember of a positive moment with 4 main points :
1. he really understood our requirements and context,
2. his anticipation,
3. his adaptability, his capability to blend in with the guests,
4. his gift, he is more than skilled.”


“The participants have been thrilled with your performances, we had a real good time. The feedbacks are very positive. Many thanks. I’m looking forward to working with you again very soon !”
Stéphanie BRIGAUD – Communication Dpt – APICIL Group


“Your work really contributed to the success of our event. You overshadowed taxation and excited the Rhône-Alpes Arapl’s members who have been captivated by your talent. I thank you once again for being a great professional, and also passionate and fascinating. It is a great pleasure to work with you and I hope it will happen again. With all my affection.”


“Encore un immense merci pour votre prestation lors des voeux internes des fonctions centrales d’ERDF. Vous avez tous les deux largement contribué à la réussite de cet événement. En effet, vous avez captivé l’attention de tous aux moments souhaités, et vous avez su imaginer des séquences qui cadraient complètement avec notre métier, et çà c’est un véritable tour de force (ou de magie ?).
Quelques verbatim issus de notre retour d’expérience : “les animations ont fait de ce rendez vous quelque chose d’unique” ou “les animations variées ont contribué à faciliter les échanges entre nous”.
Merci encore et j’espère que l’an prochain, nous aurons encore l’opportunité de refaire ensemble une animation originale et si bien perçue. “
Monique TAÏEB – ERDF


“Congratulations, you impressed everybody including me. As I already told you, there are two kinds of magicians, those who perform magic tricks and those who come from another planet, you belong to that second kind. I’m looking forward to seing you again so that I can go on beleiving that ETs really exist. Send me an email when you’re invited to Patrick Sébastien’s program, I’ll be proud to tell my daughters that I know you.”
David DI MAURO – Operating Manager – AD LOIRE COFIRHAD